Welcome to Brecon Milk
At the heart of your community... come rain or shine, 
we deliver milk and more fresh to your door. 


Our story

My dad was a milkman in the Brecon area for over 23 years, so you could say milk runs in our family. I used to help him as a lad, and when the opportunity came up to set up my own business I loved the idea that we could recreate that friendly family service while also encouraging people to buy local. Read more → 

Milk and more

As well as fresh milk (in old fashioned glass bottles if you prefer) we also deliver a wide range of local produce including cheese, yoghurt, juices and more. We’ll also bring you the heavy stuff... from compost to sacks of potatoes... View our full range of products and prices. 

Local Brecon delivery

Delivery is free and convenient. You’ll have your produce nice and early, directly to the door. Orders can be placed up until 6pm the night before, so if you run out of anything, just let us know and we’ll add it to the van, ready for the morning.
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