The familiar sight and sound of the local milk round has, in recent years, become more a nostalgic memory than a part of everyday life. But all is not lost. 

Rob Davies with Brecon Milk customer Pat

Farm fresh produce

Here at Brecon Milk we have responded to the ever growing demand for fresh local produce and reliable local delivery. For us, a return to an everyday local service, like the one my dad provided in Brecon for over 23 years, means a brighter future for both producers and customers alike.

A friendly community service

At Brecon Milk we know all our customers by name and we value the friendships we’ve built up on our daily round. We make sure to keep an eye out for our more vulnerable customers. If we don’t see Mr Jones at the door on a Wednesday morning, we’ll knock just to check in and say hello. Milkmen are often the eyes and ears of the community, that’s reassuring, especially for elderly members of the community. 

An ethical choice

Buying local gives you the chance to reduce your carbon footprint. Our milk makes a short journey from farm to fridge, arriving at your doorstep just a few all-important food miles later. This is different to many leading supermarket milk brands, which mix milk from all over the UK or import milk from Europe. 

Our supplier, Cotteswold Dairy, uses the freshest milk from farms across Wales, Hereford, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. Not only can you be confident you are supporting local independent businesses, but you will also be supporting local British dairy farmers, at a time when their livelihood is very much under threat. All Cotteswold Dairy farmers are Red Tractor Farm Assured suppliers, that’s British food at its best. 

Why not choose our traditional glass bottles of milk for added eco-points? They’re sustainable and eco-friendly. Simply rinse and leave the empties on the doorstep for us to collect and reuse. 

Making life easier

Cut back on those stressful trips to soulless supermarkets, orders with Brecon Milk can be placed up until 6pm the night before. Short on loo roll? Low on bin liners? Down to last crust of bread? Give us a ring or drop us a text or email and we’ll add those everyday essentials to the van. 

Take a look at our ‘Milk and more’ product pages for a full list of all the items we deliver. We pride ourselves on our range of everyday essentials, and we welcome your suggestions for further additions to our range.