My dad was a milkman in the Brecon area for over 23 years, so you could say milk runs in our family. 

Rob Davies of Brecon Milk, Powys, Wales

I used to help him as a lad, and when the opportunity came up to run my own business I loved the idea that we could recreate that friendly family service while also encouraging people to buy local.  

Since we began in 2014 things have really taken off. People increasingly want fresh produce and an opportunity to buy from local suppliers. They also want to help dairy farmers in the UK get a better deal. 

Many of my customers have fond memories of dad’s old milk round, the hum of the milk float and the clinking of bottles every morning, come rain or shine. It seems people want a return to that kind of reliable local service, they want to see a friendly face, not just a corporate logo. The convenience of having essential items delivered free of charge, straight to the door, is something more and more customers are looking for. 

So this is what Brecon Milk set out to deliver: a friendly local service, with ethical values and a community spirit. 

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